BBM Installation fails on Win 7 Home Basic


I have Windows 7 Home Basic OS and I am trying to install the latest BBM on it. I get the error Invalid Drive : F:

Please suggest what am I doing wrong so I can get this fixed and get on with using the BeatBuddy.


Log file attached below.

Not sure where the F: drive is coming from. Are you installing from an external drive or from your C: drive?

Us the control panel to remove the BeatBuddy Manager from Windows.

Reboot your computer.

Attempt to install.

Hello Persist,
The setup file is in C:\Temp. I am installing from there.
I checked Add Or Remove Programs and it has no reference to BeatBuddy programs.
I restarted Windows and attempted. The error message keeps coming back.

Hmmm. If this still fails, you’ll have to contact

Make sure you don’t have any antivirus s/w blocking the install. Locate and manually delete any and all instances of BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) app and the folder bbworkspace. Download a fresh copy of the BBM. Restart computer and try to install the BBM.