BBM on Mac: import folder aborting

Hi everybody,
just bought the Mallet Drum Kit and Songs yesterday; no problem installing the Drumkit but when I want to import the folder with the songs I’ve got this message. That’s not the first time I’m importing things on the BBM but first time I get this.
Can someone help?

Please make sure you are using the latest version of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) available from

That’s the latest version that I’ve installed.

Which version of the Mac OS are you using? If it’s > 10.9, you should be good.

Did you use BBM > Tools > Set Workspace Location to identify the path to your bbworkspace folder? If not, please do so.

Sometimes a download is incomplete or gets corrupted. Please download the Mallet-Songs files again from the Premium Library and reinstall the to see if this helps. Make sure you download and install from your computer and not an external device.

I opened my backup projects and it worked from there, I then save the backup project + the new mallets songs to my SD card. Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear you sorted it out, willem.