BBM on Windows 10 won't stsart

Hello all, I recently purchased BeatBuddy and I’ve downloaded and installed BeatBuddy_Manager_lite_1.6.5.exe on my Windows 10 laptop. The installation went okay but the application will not start. No errors, nothing in event viewer, nothing in task manager. I ran the Windows troubleshooter and it concludes that this app is not compatible with my version of Windows which is Windows 10 Pro on an Intel I5-3210M CPU. Help!

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What you can try is to run it in compatibility mode (windows 7/8), right click and select properties and choose compatibility mode. If it still doesn’t work you can also try to to run it as administrator, same procedure as for the compatibility mode, right click and select “run as administrator”. If it still does not run I’m out of options.

I forgot to mention I did that already… Thanks anyway