I read with interest all the stuff about the lack of BBM updates from Singular Sound, and the efforts of a single user to create his own editor/manager software, BBFF. I can fully understand why a dedicated user has spent his time to create something that actually works, and has now made his efforts available to all BB users as a web based solution on a subscription basis.

So, now that there appears to be something out there to satisfy some users and enable them to manipulate BB songs and data, what is Singular Sound’s position on this?

It would seem like the arrival of BBFF could cause Singular Sound to say, oh well, there is already a solution out there, we no longer need to think about updating our own software.

I would be interested to see a statement from Singular Sound regarding the fate/future of the BBM software as of now, and not some statements made months and years ago that “We’re working on it”.

Personally, I regard the BBM software as a part of the BB product, and I don’t see why I should be forced into a subscription for software from a 3rd party developer to make full use of the purchased hardware. (No slight to Andrew intended).

I don’t like web based applications (my personal opinion only). BUT… if a private individual can create an application, albeit web based, that will interface successfully with the BB hardware, and perform all the editing functions, in a period of several months, why oh why can’t Singular Sound create a decent BBM software of their own?

In the light of the BBFF web app becoming available, isn’t it about time SS made a statement concerning this issue?

Hell, even if it’s to make an offer to purchase the BBFF from Andrew and then provide it to registered BB users free of charge, then Andrew has his time spent rewarded, and BB users get the functionality they have been crying out for. Personally, I’d like to see SS “port” the BBFF software to a standalone app that can run locally on both PCs and Macs, then at least there is some progress.

I hope this post doesn’t spawn a heap of vitriolic responses, I just want to see what SS have to say NOW, and not some rehash of past responses to the same issue.


No slight taken :wink:


If Singular purchased Andrew’s product, not only would the offer have to be decent, they would need to hire Andrew in some capacity too. There is no way Singular can provide the updates as quickly and efficiently as he does. Imagine Singular’s position now, if they release their own BBM it would have to be at least at the level of Andrew’s app or they’ll get buried.

As far as paying for the app, Andrew did all the work on his own time, continually updates it…why shouldn’t he get paid for the efforts?

@Montage9 I certainly do understand your angst about Singular and the BBM…it will be interesting to see where this lands. It might simply be Singular smiles and nods…and things are what they are.

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Agreed, this is absolutely ridiculous. No communication, no updates, just radio silience. Yet they still sell the product? Ridiculous. It’s why I ditched the MidiMaestro. I just chucked that thing out the door.

I depend on the BeatBuddy and was an early adopter so unless I want to move off the platform I am stuck with this lack of progression.

I agree in that if users wish to use the BBFF option then there is no reason at all why Andrew should not get paid for his super efforts. What galls me is that an independent user has managed to achieve what Singular Sound have been waffling about for years with no real progress being visible to us disenchanted users. Having spent the money to purchase a product THAT INCLUDED the software to manage it, why should we now have to fork out more?
The BBM was included in the purchase, and as other users have already pointed out it is STILL being spruiked by SS in their attempt to sell more BB product, so I expect to have better service from SS for the past customers who purchased in good faith.


You bought the car. Polish isn’t free. They will not make the software better as it could reduce the market for the hardware.

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Oh boy, haven’t you missed the point. When I buy a car the polish is not advertised as an included accessory, so I wouldn’t expect to receive any polish upon purchase.
The Beat Buddy pedal (I’m not refering to the BB Mini) is advertised to include the management software in the purchase price, so I expect to receive it and for it to continue being supported and updated. Your comment about reducing the market for the hardware is just plain dumb - without the software you are unable to make the most of the advertised features of the product. Without the software, how are you going to load new beats (purchased from SS of Groove Monkey) into the pedal?
Why are you even on this forum when you don’t appear to have any knowledge of the product or the issue with the software. I’m even amazed at myself for bothering to respond to your inane comment!!

@Montage9, you make some fair points, but dare I suggest that we keep things as civil as possible.

Let’s stick to your original intention:

I hope this post doesn’t spawn a heap of vitriolic responses


I, personally have no expectations that there will be any future updates. They’ve set BB adrift, (whether intentionally or as a result of a shift in priorities…) either way…it’s no longer moored with the fleet. I consider it the flagship. Hmmm… I am not a looper and have no plans to delve into it, so I guess I’ll fumble along with the current version. The Beatbuddy is still viable, only due to user creativity and support among those who have been here since the progressive times. The shared user content and support is the sole reason it still exists and SS knows it. I’m not saying any of this in anger…but with a sense of sadness and disappointment.


No reason for sadness or disappointment as I see it… at least we now have a ready-made solution. But I don’t see any basis for concluding that there is a “fleet” that can be relied on to receive future support.

It has seemed clear for a while that buying a Singular Sound product can make sense if you’re happy with what’s currently there, but there shouldn’t be any expectation of future support. That concern stopped me from seriously considering an Aeros (fortunately, there are other available loopers), and should I need a midi controller I’d likely shop elsewhere for it.

I don’t have bad feelings toward Singular Sound though - they are running a business and need to figure out how to keep the lights on. They likely concluded it isn’t worth the cost of ongoing support to avoid losing some sales.

As a consumer I’m no fan of the subscription business model for software, and so far I have done pretty well with Logic Pro in creating and editing song files. If the need arises for substantial editing/song file creation I’d probably give BBFF a try, though if that happens I might economize by waiting until I have a bunch or work to do and subscribing briefly to get it all done. That would likely cost far less than buying a license to use it, and I’d probably be willing to pay a significantly higher one-time fee if it were available, but the pricing of BBFF is Andrew’s business decision to make.

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The Beta version I’m using doesn’t do a lot of the things the older versions did. Otherwise I’d be more content. I don’t need a loader or an editor. I’d like to be able to change my tempo on the left side and have the songs respond to the change when played in the manager instead of having to go to the clunky editor to change it. I can’t rename folders or move songs around. Just left me hanging. If there is a better version that does that and keeps the other things…I’d appreciate someone pointing it out. The atmosphere here is nothing like it was years ago. That’s what I lament. Yeah…it’s their decision. And the consumer will make their decisions.