BBM "stopped unexpectedly"


Hi folks,
I’m hoping this has been addressed as development continues, but the BBM crashes regularly.
We’re running on a win7 machine. There is sufficient power memory and speed to have the bbm run well. The samples play ETC, but after exporting a song, and upon importing in to a different folder and attempting to play/audition the beat again, the BBM stops working. Windows closes it down and promises to get back to me if they find a solution. We start it back up and proceed as normal. when we start back up, the song is still in the new folder and we can continue auditioning and making changes without any trouble.



I’d recommend you to press Ctrl+S every time BEFORE listening. This issue will most likely get fixed soon.


I remember you mentioning this a while back, so I asked my beautiful and capable visual interpretation system, AKA my wife :slight_smile: to press ctrl/s and she reported that it didn’t seem to do anything. Should there be some visual confirmation when she presses ctrl/s? So far we haven’t really lost anything. :slight_smile:


Ctrl+S acting as if it doesn’t do anything is normal. It quietly saves the project without any confirmation. This is, actually, the usual behavior of any ‘Save’ function in Windows operating system.


I had about 25 crashes putting in 50 songs yesterday. All when selecting play after hitting cntl S. They got more frequent as I added more songs. A few times it played a different MIdI file than what was showing in the main loop window.


What you say is indeed disturbing. The current software seems a bit overcomplicated yet very underdeveloped in features. I’ll look into what can be done to help mitigate blocking issues until a new major version is done.