BBM Strange volume problem !

So I am working on a new drumset and on the “Drum Set page” in BBM my Toms sound nice and fat ( I have only two samples per Tom and they are sampled in Studio One 3 with velocities like 80 and 100 so they sound nice and fat )

Here’s when it gets strange:

When I made a MIDI track to test my drumset the Toms are very low in volume even if they have 127 in velocity ! ???

The start and end velocities for all Toms are 0-63 and 64-127

The other instruments sound just fine !

Just noted that the difference in volume between the Song page and the Drum Sets page is huge !
The Song page is much quieter !

Is this the way it should be ?

I still have problems with BBM !

If I change the volume on the Kick drum on the Drums Sets page there are no change when trying it on the Song Page !
This is clearly a bug !

Hey persist !

Any comments on that ?