BBManager hangs at OSX 10.10.3

Hi All,
I find that after a min or so I start BB Manager in Mac, the main window become unrespondsive.
I can still the menu bar on the top (File, Edit, etc). But all the content (such as Song, Drumset Tab) in the main window is not…
I have reinstalled the BBManager twice. But the same issue happen again.

Do you make any specific actions with BBManager (like importing files or dragging folders etc) that results in a hang?
Or do you just open it, and it hangs after a period of time being totally inactive?

There is nothing BBManager working on. I just open it. Then I surf the interface a while. And then after I bring the BBManager back to foreground, it is not responding to any click on the main windows…
The window does not turn white as those non-responding application which you may need to use “force quit”. BBManager just do not respond to me. Yet, the top menu bar (File Edit ) is still working…

Interesting. Try this: press Command-Option-Escape simultaneously and tell us if BeatBuddy Manager Software in the Force Quit Applications window indicates that the “BBM (is not responding)”