BBManager” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer

Hi guys,
I bought my BeatBuddy last week. Really pleased with it. Only problem is, I can’t open BB Manager on my iMac. "BBManager” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.** Keeps showing every time I try to open it! I downloaded it from the site as instructions said.
Thanks in advance for any solutions.

Press and hold the Control key when you click on the BBM icon and click on Open in the contextual manu.

Hi Persist.
Thanks very much for your reply. I’ve got BB Manager opened from your instructions.
So the problem is solved.
Do you know where I can buy extra beats and drum kits from in the UK please?
Thanks again.

A nice variety of beats and drum sets are available from Singular Sound.

Groove Monkee has a nice selection of beats.

This forum has a large selection of one-press songs with bass.

Thanks for your reply.
I bought some beats from s.sound website. Do you know how I access them please?
I will also look at Groove Monkee’s beats too.
All your help is much appreciated.

If you bought beats from SS, you should have received an e-mail with instructions and a link to download. Check you spam or junk mail folders to make sure their message didn’t land there. You can e-mail

Me again. I’ve managed to load the beats into BB manager now. But the “synchronize project” option is greyed out as an option. So I’m unable to sync it. Which I guess means it won’t be on my pedal.
Is there any other way of synchronizing on iMac please?
Thanks again in advance. Sorry for all these questions.
Your help is much appreciated.

  • Place your SD card is in your computer SD slot
  • Use the BBM File > Export > Project to SD card
  • When the export is complete, you will be prompted for future synchronization; accept the prompt; eject the card
  • Place the card in your pedal and the project from your Mac will be available on the pedal
  • You should be able to use the BBM to Synchronize Project with one big exceptions
  • there is a serious and known bug in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Mac version where if you close the BBM or restart your Mac, the synchronize project menu entry on the BBM will be grayed out; your choices at this point are to not close the BBM or restart your Mac (not always practical) or to use the export project to SD card method again. The developers have been working on a fix for this since forever but they seem to be coming closer to fixing it (hopefully soon).

It seems counterintuitive for us Mac users to have to rely on a user guide but in this case, if you haven’t downloaded and read it yet, it will be worth your time; I think the Mac sync issue is documented there along with a couple of other caveats that all users should heed (do not use periods or special characters in the names of songs, folders or drum sets as it will wipe out the contents of your folders—as in, poof, “where did all my songs or folders go?”)

Thanks so much for this info. I will read the user guide as you suggest.
I exported the file to SD card. saved the project in Apps .
Unplugged my SD card and put it back into my pedal but the new beats didn’t show on my pedal.
Do I need to look somewhere else for the project on my pedal?
Sorry to hassle you. Thought this would be a lot easier.
Guess we’re a bit spoilt on Mac when it comes to music software.
Thanks again.

Projects should be saved in a folder within the Documents/workspace. Usually when installing the BBM for the first time, it creates that workspace folder for you and that’s where your BBM stores and usually looks for your projects.

Close the BBM. Use the Finder to make sure you have a workspace folder within Documents. The project you saved in Applications should be moved to Documents/workspace/user_lib/projects (your workspace folder might have a different name so if it does, leave it as is).
Launch your BBM and File > Open Project and navigate to your workspace and to where you moved your project; select and open.

Are your songs all there? If not, let me know.