BBManager Crashing. A Request for Singular Sound

[problem statement and whining] BBManager has been consistently crashing while building or editing custom drum sets. I kept losing all my work. I spent many hours trying to find a workaround, including reflashing firmware, reinstalling software, and creating a fresh SD card. The crashes continued. WTF?

[discovering a solution] I did some searches in the forum and found that customers had discovered that WAV file metadata can cause problems with BBManager. So, I used a tag stripper to remove all metadata from my WAV samples. Voila! The crashes stopped.

[a simple request] Singular Sound, the forums indicate this has been a known problem since 2016! Why in the world have you not updated your software?! Or, at a minimum, why have you not included an addendum to your manual to inform new users about the workaround. Its called caring about your customers. Please fix it, buddy.


Why do you even use BBManager? It’s garbage.
Use logic pro and then export midi files to the BBmanager.
Or any other recording software.

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I do use Logic to create my MIDI files. But I have to use BBM to create custom drum kits. There is no other way.

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