BBManager crashing all the time when building a drumkit

It’s become a royal pain in the behind now !
Usually happens when I save the set ?

Anyone else ?

Which version Tobbe?

…mine is intermittently freezing when I do edits in the bbmgr editor, & or change the .sngs drum kits.
I wanted to have a look ‘under the hood’ of a few different songs ,
eg) brother loan me a dime … in the bbmgr, (nice acoustic bass lines, btw)…
but got no farther than trying to change kits …then it just froze , I closed it. rebooted the program.
…tried a few more times until it worked,…it ended up doing what I needed, but, something is definitely buggy .
ver. 16.6.o

Seems a bit more stable if I avoid double click the name to save and go to Menu/Drumser/Save Drumset instead !

Although I’ve not see mention of others of the BBM crashing when trying to save a drum set, I’ll add it to a watch list of potential bugs.

Does it do it on any drum set you are trying to save or or one in particular?

Thanks for sharing the workaround about using the menu to save the drum set instead of double-clicking it.

Yours is an issue that the developers are aware of. When this freeze happens—which is frequent and very annoying—I just let it complete the loading process—I never close and re-open the BBM. Sometimes it takes up to 30 seconds. For me it happens when

  • I try to open the Midi Editor for almost any song with bass to check for unsupported notes (I do not make changes using the BBM Midi Editor, I use my DAW instead)
  • when changing from any drum set with bass to another; seems to be worst when trying to switch to SuperBassG
  • when changing from any OPB song to another
  • when changing from any folder with OPB songs to another folder

To reduce the annoyance factor, I do the following

  • save the project frequently as I go along but especially before trying to change drum sets or open the Midi Editor
  • reduce the number of songs in my folders to only those I need
  • reduce the number of folders
  • get rid of drum sets I never use
  • when BBM appears to freeze during a function, I go check my e-mail or browser (I hate staring at the spinning beach ball)
  • Aashideacon suggested changing the Color scheme in the Midi Editor Project Explorer pane. It seems to lessen the problem but it doesn’t resolve it.

I was just replacing some of the instrument samples on the Standard 1.1 set with my own as an experiment but since I started to save using the menu it hasn’t crashed.

Personally I rarely use the MIDI editor because I think it’s too messy to work with ( I’m a long time Cubase user ) and you have to keep scrolling all the time when you’re working with it which is extremely tedious.

I guess that it would be much less effort on the BB team if they could make the BBManager work just like a sound module ( Like BB itself does ) so you could edit your grooves with your own Drum editor which you’re already used to.
Why inventing the wheel again ?

Thanks Persist :wink: