BBmanager infinite beach balling...

Does anyone have troubles with the BBmanager after editing a song?

I just edited a song…canceled some synths, and saved it…apart from the fact that saving the song took 15minutes…when I played it, the without the synth, for no reason, the bass was distorted…plus, when I changed the drum kit to see if it worked, the devilish beach ball started rolling and it took me 40 minutes to be able to do anything else…when it stopped beach balling, I clicked on another song…and here goes the ball again…so I just quit the app (forced)…


Thx buddies!

I have had issues with the editor causing the machine to process excessively slowly. I did not have to force quit, but I was just about to do so, when I finally regained control. Unfortunately, just about every time I have had to force quit, and there have not been that many, did seem to damage the BB Workspace, and I was forced to rebuild my entire collection from backups.

Thx Phil for your feed back…

Luckily nothing was damaged, I noticed these problems occur mostly when I edit songs using kits with Synths, organs and so on…
The more instruments, the worse it works…
For now I just decided to use only drums and bass…also, the synths sound really bad so the piano…I mean…while the bass and drums sound great with guitar and voice, the piano and synth are totally lacking dynamics…I don’t know if I can explain myself…it’s late…I’m sleepy…I’m going to bed!

Take care!

you can only edit early sng’s w only bass … no NP or other instruments.
I tried to edit an NP series tune & got the same results …
& questioned how anyone could like them , until I figured it was my editting in them that was the cause.

I use an ‘outside’ DAW for those ( cakewalk)
although reaper seems to be the preferred .

Thank you Rknrne, I’ll give it a look!
Actually I’m already happy with just the drums, the bass was a nice surprise, the rest for me…well…that’s too much man!
Have a good day fellas!

Whenever I change a drum set, or open the Midi Editor, on my Mac, the BBM takes a long time to process the action and appears to be frozen. This lasts from 30 seconds to up to 4 minutes. I used to force-quit the BBM and start over but that did not help matters. The developers are aware of this. To get around this, I
[]save the song I’m working on at each stage e.g.,
— when I add a section
— change the BPM
— add or change a drum set
— open the Midi Editor (I open the Empty section before I open the Intro or section that contains the MIDI file)
]when changing songs in the BBM, don’t click on a section or part within the song you want to make active, instead, click on the song title e.g.,
— to change from song Creep v1 to Creep v2, do not click on the section within Creep v2
— click on the Creep v2 song title instead

It doesn’t always make the freezing or slowing down go away but it seems to reduce the frequency that it happens and the amount of time the BBM spends “thinking.” Whenever I quit BBM and reopen, the freezing starts all over again.