BBmanager is not loading the drum set

May I ask a little question ???
I re-install ‘’ FINAL_Content_v120-SD_card_files ‘’
And I finaly make it works on BeatBuddy pedal. I have : blues, rock… etc.
The thing is that the BBmanager is not loading the drum set kit.
I can’t import any songs or projects.
I un-install BBmanager and re-install it : still the same.
Any suggested solution ???
I apoligize for my English I’m from Canada french.

Hope this helps.
[]download and install latest version of the BBM for your computer’s operating system from
]use the BBM menu Tools to Set Workspace Location (should be to your bbworkspace folder)
[]plug your SD card into your computer SD slot reader and delete all contents from the SD card; DO NOT FORMAT the SD card
]download Default BeatBuddy Content Update from the same link above (at the bottom of the page); unzip the file and copy the contents to your SD card
[]download BeatBuddy Firmware v2.0.4 from the same link as above; unzip the file and copy the 5 files to the top level (or root) of your SD card; eject the card
]with the power off on your pedal, insert the SD card and power the pedal on; allow it to complete the install of the firmware
[]if you have a remote foot switch, set your foot switch and pedal settings using the pedal settings menu; power the pedal down and remove the SD card
]insert card in your computer SD slot
[]from the BBM > File > Open Project and navigate to your SD card; you should be prompted to save your project to your computer and you should allow it to do so; it will begin to the process of loading the project from the card to your bbworkspace; when done, it will ask if you want to Synchronize your project; approve it
]from the BBM > File > Import > Folder for the premium songs you bought or folders that you exported to your desktop
[]from the BBM > File > Import > Drum set for the premium and drum sets you bought and downloaded from the forum
]in the BBM click the Drum Sets tab and click the check boxes for any kits that you want the BBM to use; from the BBM > File > Save Project
[*]from the BBM > File > Synchronize Project (to your SD card)

WOW… SUPER… I’m not done with everything to said, but I’m so happy that it’s working that I couldn’t wait to tell you.
I remember that I have to unpack the drum set… I’m working on that.
Again Thanks so much…Persist.
Respond was so quick.
Oh yes… I’m sorry for misplacing inquirer

That’s very good to hear that you’re getting things working again. Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks again,
Now in your reply you mention NOT TO FORMAT the SD Card.
Thing is that I did before you told me…\Users\norm_\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image001.png
This is probably why I can’t synchronize to my SD Card ??
Again… what can I do ???
Also I Unpack drum sets (in which file are they supposed to go ??)
Went I click on a drum fill or drum loop it come out to
C:\Users\norm_\Documents\BBWorkspace\user_lib\drum_sets\user_lib\midi_sources but it’s empty.
All little box of the drum set are well tick.
I’m usually good in computer… I don’t want you to think that I’m…
Thank you again.
Have you ever try TEAMVIEWER


Check that you formated the SD to MS DOS 32-bit. If not, do so then follow the applicable steps from

Drum sets should be imported using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Import > Drum set and then check the box in the Drum sets tab (as it sounds like you’ve done).

I don’t think you should find anything in MIDI_Sources.

Teamviewer works quite well for remote sessions.

I’m now able to synchronize my project to SD card.
And I test it on the beatbuddy. and footswitch.

But not able to find the folder that has the midi file for ‘’MAIN DRUM LOOP’’ ‘’DRUM FILL’’ and ‘’TRANSITION FILL.
While I was going thru all those folders (always empty) I open the README TXT:

Placeholder for installed drum sets.
If folder is empty, try downloading and installing the bundle with library files.

What is that the BUNDLE… WITH LIBRARY FILES ???
Where is that ??

I’m sorry for all those questions…. But I think I’m at the end of it.
Thank you again… for your patientce

If you have songs and drum sets that you can play on both the BBM and pedal, you should be done. No need to sort though all of the folders in you bbworkspace as the BBM manages files and folders.