BBManager MacBookPro Unable to route audio output to ext speakers

Hi. I’ve having issues trying to route BBmanager audio output to an external speaker connected to my macbookpro, OS - High Sierra 10.13.6. It will only use internal speakers on said macbook. I’ve tried Bluetooth, USB and headphone jack. All other audio output for everything else works just fine.

I’ve updated everything in BBmanager (beatbuddy works fine). On another thread “ghostofweedon” recommended two external apps for volume control, kudos to him. Yet, I was wondering if there is something somewhere on my macbook I just need to check/uncheck, click/kick or other? I really dislike adding apps to any of my devices (yes, I’m one of them).
Sadly, I can’t remember my original login so I had to start a new profile, I’ve been part of bb since 2014. THANKS.

Plug your speaker cable into your laptop headphones output jack.
Open System Preferences
Click on Sound
Select the Headphones

Persist. I’ve done that. All others audio plays through external speakers BUT the bbmanager insists on playing through onboard speakers.
By the way thank you for your prompt reply.

I’m not sure this has anything to do with the BBM as this works with my Mac laptop. Only thing I can think of is to check that the patch cable is firmly seated in the output jack. Quit the BBM and restart your laptop. Launch the BBM and try playing a song again.

BTW, does your Sound Preference pane display the Headphone under the Output tab?

Here’s some troubleshooting tips

If resetting the nvram doesn’t help, you can refer to this link

BTW, once you figure it out, please let the forum know what you did to fix it. Thanks.

This issue with several software on MacBookPro is reported multiple times on the internet. It causes the software to lock the status of soundoutput. I first encountered this when I had installed soundflower. After completely deinstalling soundflower sadly the problem persisted. I have tried reinstalling the soundsystem. There is an annoying but simple fix of the problem. First connect the headphones and then start your BBM. But it won‘t recognize a change of output status after start anymore.

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Hmmm. Never had a problem quite like this even when my 2012 MBP was having the GPU issues.

I tried to reprogram the kext file to keep my Apple USB Sub working but every new OS update broke it. Finally got rid of the sub—a shame because that thing was rocking!

I’d venture a strong opinion that it’s the OS that’s somehow causing problems—not the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Rather than do a fresh install of OS X 13.6, and if your MBP is new enough, maybe you can update your OS to Mojave, it should fix your audio issues.

Persist and Tyraell,
Yeah, the problem was with BBM alone and not with any other apps/software. Output to speakers or headphones no problem. Even using a USB adapter for audio output allowed everything and it’s brother external audio except for BBM. So trying a couple of different things and then sitting here for 15 minutes doing a complete power down, holding the power button down for more than 30 seconds and then rebooting, then hard power down, reboot … Did that about a dozen times. Seems to work now but as memory serves correct I’ve had this issue before with BBM. Anyway, Thanks for the help and your time. I love BB.

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Thanks for the tip, that worked for me! I have a McBook Air with os 10.14 Mojave…