BBManager software quit unexpectedly

Hello, I was working on this beat pattern and something got messed up. Now every time I try to open this MIDI file for edit - it crashes my BBManager software. it just closes and I can’t get to edit my beat pattern. I tried on my iMac running Mojave and MacBookPro with High Sierra with the same outcome. Can you see what’s wrong with my MIDI file why is it crashing the software every time. I could redo the file from scratch, but I’d like to know what I did wrong and how to avoid such situation in future. Here is the Wetransfer link to the MIDI file

I opened your MIDI file in a digital audio workstation (DAW) and could not find anything wrong with it. I then saved and exported to MIDI as test.mid and tested it in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and I can open the file in the BBM MIDI Editor.

I then added your MIDI file to a song in the BBM and tried to open it in the BBM MIDI Editor but it crashed every time. Reading the Mac crash log, it reports an issue with the MIDI parser.

No idea what you could have done wrong as your file does not seem to show any problem.
You can use the test file I provided and see if you can now edit that file in your BBM MIDI Editor. Make sure you have selected a drum set and that you have saved the project before you try to edit the file. (806 Bytes)

I was able to open the MIDI file you provided, but it’s useless for further edits as the subdivisions were all over the place. See the screenshot:
I then tried to create the beat from scratch and when i finished it - the same problem happened - it crashed BBManager in the same way. I think the problem is with time signature. This beat is a bit tricky and either I don’t get how time signature works in BB MIDI editor or it has some major flaw. When I open MIDI editor, create 3/4 time signature, 1 bar and try to split it in 3 equal pieces I get a triplet consisting of 3 half notes instead of 3 quarter notes. Why is that?
When I tried to make this beat the bars were subdivided by 16th notes and when I finished making it and tried to play it back with virtual machine in BB manager - it adjusted the tempo awkwardly which suggests the program got confused with my time signature and subdivisions.
Later I created another version. This time i opened an empty MIDi file, first clicked on Quantize, which subdivided each bar in 4 eight-note-tripplets: and so far it works.
So I’ll keep using this workaround and always will start with “Quantize” button, but I still don’t get how BB Midi editor creates those subdivisions as it goes against the music theory and mathematics.

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Sorry I couldn’t be of better help.

There are 2 possibilities that are the cause of your problems:

  1. Some users have reported that the BBM does not play friendly with 3/4 time signatures; this is most likely the primary problem. Your workaround (quantizing) is a nice tip—thanks for sharing.
  2. The current release version of the BBM does not export to MIDI correctly.

Thank you, that most likely explains my frustration. It’s good to know others have encountered similar problems and it’s not just my isolated case. Let’s hope future updates will fix these issues. Thank you again for your assistance.