BBManager songs to Beatbuddy

How do I get songs from BBManager onto The Beatbuddy, I’ve been trying for ages but can’t figure it out

Basically, the project you have open, you sync it to your SD card, then put the card in the Beatbuddy. What you will see then is all the songs that were in your project in the same directories, etc, as in your BBManager window.

Is that one song at a time

So, when you sync the project to the card, it will sync all of the songs you have loaded in it. Hopefully that’s more than one :slight_smile:

Cheers Buddy but I ain’t getting this

Watch my tutorial videos - hopefully that will make it easier to I stand it.

Another way is to “Export” project to SD Card and overwrite what’s already on the card which is OK to do that. Do one thing though, always make a backup of your previous stuff and put it in a file on the computer or a separate SD Card. I do both. I also have the original SD Card that came with the Beat Buddy tucked away in case I have to start from the beginning. While you’re working on a project in the BB Manager, save, save, save as you go along. Also, if you run into problems, don’t save and close the program, come back in and start up where you left off. It will always come back to where you saved it the last time. You will have to open your folders each time you boot up to BB Manager. Just a few tips.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker. As said before, use the tutorials.