BBManager use on two Win machine



I’m using the BB manager mainly on a laptop (Win7), that is usefull for uploading song on the BB’ SD card during group jaming session which is outside home. The SD card is synchronized on BB Manager on this lapop.
But at home I’m having an other desktop (Win7), where would also like to use the BB manager as it’s more comfortably for editing.

I would like confirmation before to do it: How can I safely push ,or synchronize, the song on the SDCard to the Desktop?

Thanks for your reply


I’m a Mac user and I recall trying this on different computers and for some reason, it did not work. That’s been quite a while ago and have not tried since. Here are some options: (I recommend option 2)

  1. You can try this: do your jam session and when you’re done with the SD card, put it in your home computer slot reader and try using your home computer to Synchronize Project to SD card. You just have to make sure the projects on your laptop, SD card and home computer all have the same name.

  2. If it does not work (the Sync menu entry is grayed out on your home computer’s BeatBuddy Manager (BBM), use the BBM > File > Open Project on your desktop and navigate to your SD card and open the project. Follow the prompts to save to your desktop computer’s bbworkspace (the BBM should prompt you for a new name).

If this doesn’t work, then try this last option.

  1. The unofficial way to get this done is to copy the contents highlighted in the screen shot from your SD card into a new folder on your desktop, name the folder with a name different than any existing project name, and then drag that folder into your user/documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/projects folder. You can then open the project using the BBM.