BBManger Problems

I am having problems trying to use the manager. I have followed the instructions to the best of my ability and still get the below message (see picture) when I try to open a project. The workspace just doesn’t make sense. I am at a loss as to how to get this going. Any Help?
I am using a Mac mini with version 10.11.1

I’ll try to help a little. I’m assuming that you are using v of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and that you already downloaded the BBWorkspace files and saved the folder within your Documents folder

  • start off by telling the BBM where your BBWorkspace folder is located by going to the BBM menu Tools/Set Workspace location (if you don’t know where it’s located, you can use SpotLight to find it)
  • Navigate to your Documents folder (or to wherever you saved the BBWorkspace folder) and click on that folder and then click on Open

If you cannot find your BBWorkspace, it might mean that you haven’t downloaded it yet. If that’s the case, try downloading it again and saving it to your Mac’s Document folders.

I am having the same issue. Which folder do you point the BB Manager to? The workspace folder, or the user library or default library within the workspace folder? I tried all and it does not work.

Hi rwtisch. Let’s try a three-step process to get you going.

  1. You have to tell the BB Manager (BBM) where your work space folder is located. You do so by going to the BBM menu Tools/Set Workspace Location. Select BBWorkspace in the Documents folder and then press Open.
  2. Once you’ve done this, you need to open your Project file. If you are doing this for the first time, put your SD card in your Mac’s SD card slot. From the BBM menu, choose File/Open Project and use the BBM to navigate to your SD card (named NO NAME–you should see the SD card located under Devices). Select it and if prompted where to save it, navigate back to your BBWorkspace folder on your computer, click on the Projects folder and save it there (give it a name or just choose the default NO NAME.BBP). If you are not prompted but all of your song folders load in the left pane of BBM, then go to BBM File/Save Project As and then save it to your computer’s BBWorkspace Projects folder.
  3. If you are successful up to this point, then within BBM, select File/Synchronize Project and follow the prompts.