BBMO BUG: importing a MIDI file does not use the MIDI file name

Tested on a Mac Mini M2 using Sonoma 14.6.2b. Symptoms can be replicated n both Arc (1.49.0) and Google Chrome (125.0.6422.113).

Also tested on a Mac Mini (intel) using Catalina 10.15. Symptoms can be replicated in Google Chrome.

That a MIDI file when imported to the BBMO will use the MIDI file name.

The song part takes on the name of the MIDI file region when exported from a DAW.

This brings up a related issue, Most of the Default Content 2.1 midi_sources files use Groove Agent SE 01 in the name of the DAW MIDI region (instead of the beats actual title.

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Hi persist,

Thank you for sharing this information. We will look into it.

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