BBMO Feature Request / Project "Save As" Capability

Project Save as (so you don’t have to do it outside of the BBMO in the OS Folder). That Current method still requires you to manually change the title of the project in BBMO. The old title still persists.

This is not currently a priority, you can create manual duplicates of your project using your computer or use the Sync to SD Card function to save the project somewhere else on your computer, it is not exclusive to working on an SD card, just be mindful if you intend to resync later and what project version you are currently editing.

We may look into a specific save as function in the future, but not at this time.


I understand completely and have a process that is well practiced for me to rotate through my 8 SDD cards :grinning: Not looking for this to be a priority from my perspective, but I think it’s a reasonable backlog item, but it’s ya’lls call :grinning: