BBMO Request: Panning

For those of us who like to work with BB in stereo mode and custom drumsets, this would be a total lifesaver. Currently, the only way to customize the stereo image in BB is by using samples with the panning baked in, which can be an arduous process to change. However, if BBMO could add panning as an option, chiefly in the drumset editor, this would save tons of trouble and enhance the fun of modifying default or user-created drumsets. There could even be panning in the MIDI editor for more exciting possibilities, where you can play with each note position for cool stereo effects!



We have received your request and will notify you once it has been reviewed

Thank you for the suggestion!


Further, panning would allow for panning bass right, drums left, so as to EQ and level each instrument individually. Now THAT would be hip!