BBS binary format?

I am planning to write my own (simplified and command line) BB manager to be able to use it from Linux. Any change to get/find any specification of BBS format, so that my program could generate those BBS files? I don’t want to waste my time to reverse engineer it…

Hi Goose,

You won’t find much help here on this topic.

They’ve made a GREAT pedal, but they have been quite unwilling to release this information to anyone, even when others offer to help them. They aren’t even willing to release it to help blind users have access to the content management, and they don’t seem to bee interested in creating anything more than a slick user interface, no matter how limited, buggy, time-consuming or resource intensive it might be.

When you reverse engineer the files, please feel free to PM me so that I can see about making this pedal even more accessible to blind users such as myself.

They will probably ask you to sign some sort of nondisclosure agreement as they seem to have done with others.

Thanks for your vision!


Once I almost guessed the BBS file format. But then, as RustyP absolutely correctly remarked, I got hit by NDA. So I am not sure if I can release even my guesses now.

The BBS file format looks absolutely alienating, but now I can confirm this is one the best and sure ways how to make the firmware code as stable as possible.

As far as your main question goes, I am intending to improve the firmware code so it could allow for

  1. accepting open file formats, and
  2. programming for BeatBuddy without having to sign an NDA.