Be kind to other users

Please do not double-post or bump a Beat and Drum Set request threads. If you want to add your “me too” to another user’s request, use the “Like” to add your support for the request.

Why? Because many users ‘watch’ or subscribe to threads, they will get an e-mail notification when another user posts to that thread. To avoid this potential annoyance :mad: (of a duplicate request), we ask for your understanding. This is consistent with other moderated web forums.

If you do happen to double-post or bump a song request post and did not intend to do so, you can delete your own post. If you don’t delete it and since this is a moderated forum, you will get a private message reminding you about this forum etiquette. The moderator will tell you what you did, will ask you to not do so again, and will then remove your double-post from the forum.

A thread posted to the Beat and Drum Set Requests with the name of a song or Drum Set pretty much constitutes a request—in spite of the wording used in the thread.

BTW, if no one uploads the requested song or drum set request within 96 hours, it’s probably because they could not find a decent MIDI source file. Be patient and if the request is not filled, just shrug and move along. :slight_smile:

Another suggestion is to not keep adding new song requests on top of previously posted request threads; for every new song request, please start a new thread with the name of the song or kit that you’re looking for.