Beat buddy 2 foot switch

Love it Would like to use main beat buddy2 on small table in mic stand to make easier to scroll through and set what I want,
Use footswitch as left button to start/intro Right the original set up start stop? Question is can left foot switch button be programmed to start/intro ?

This is what I do ! And you’re right is so easy to use like this
yes you can program the footswitch to “Main pedal” it’s the same as the big pedal o, the BB itself
So with one the footswitch you can Start the intro, make a fill, make the transition and to stop you can double tap the same switch or program the other switch for the outro (single tap)

won’t work, with the bb mini2, the buttons of the external footswitch cannot be changed as far as I know.
Left will stay accent hit, right start/pause.

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Sorry I though he was speaking about the Beatbuddy and not the mini