Beat Buddy & accessories case?

Does anyone have any good ideas of an appropriate case to use for my Beat Buddy and it’s accessories? Now that I have it, I would like to be able to put it away every so often, and carry it safely to gigs.

Good topic! Mine will be my most protected piece of gear. Tonight for my gig I’m using the actual shipping container since the foam is custom fit. I’ll be keeping an eye out for an outer shell/case that the foam will fit into. I bet I have something that would work or come close. I’ll just have to look around this weekend.

Pedaltrain pro for Beatbuddy and footswitch. Don’t forget to put more foam to fill in the space.

Perhaps they can put more thought in the next version to make the packaging usable for portability purpose, just like the packaging for portable power tools. BeatBuddy is a power tool for guitarist :smiley:

That’s a great suggestion. It would make even more sense if the case has some portable power source. That way you could preview songs (and possibly even edit them and create new in the future!) while travelling. Just like a guitar iPhone!

Cool ideas! How would we make the packaging different so it’s more portable?

A plastic case with battery pack will be insanely useful! :slight_smile:

I have just bought this from Amazon UK for my BeatBuddy and foot pedal as the BB it is too deep for by acoustic guitar case and it will be better protected. I will also keep my Ipad in it which has the Onsong app for all my chord charts and maybe some other stuff.

USA Gear Classic Messenger School Bag / Carrying Case with Extra Storage & Weather-Resistant Nylon for Apple & Android Tablets , Ereaders , Compact Laptop Computers , Books , School Supplies & More!
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Before finding this I was also looking at camera cases and small bags to store by BB IN.

I use a keyboard case I got on ebay for like $25, to hold a 3/8" plywood pedal board. I make my own, got a few of them, with velcro to hold various combinations of pedals, multi-effect units (Boss ME-80) or v-synth (Roland GR-55). BB fits right in, feels right at home. I also have a smaller board for just BB and official footswitch, say if I want to let our bass player control it.

A small camera bag, like an SLR gadget bag seems reasonable. It’s overkill with the padding considering that we’re trying to protect something that we step on but they are about the right width, have adjustable dividers, and have room for extra stuff like the power supply, an extra footswitch, and some cables.

Amazon sells some for around $30. I have some sitting around that I think I will re-purpose.

Previously, I was using a Class D amp gig bag which was convenient but bigger than necessary.

Mine is mounted on a Pedaltrain Nano most of the time and occasionally a Pedaltrain Mini when used in conjunction with a Boomerang 3 Looper. Both have nice gigbags.

If you look at the bottom of the photo there is my “beat buddy board”. The case is a repurposed dual car DVD/LCD case and the board is from one of those shelves that hold a gazillion DVDs. The fit is absolutely perfect and can also house the power supply and the stereo 1/4" cables I used to plug into my audio interface as well as the BB midi cable. Something similar to this would be ideal, in terms of size and cost effectiveness.
If I remember, I’ll try to get a better shot of the BB board and case.

Good idea on the camera case. I just happen to have one that I am not using for the camera. Tried it and it just fits in and an extra pocket for the power supple & foot switch. Thanks, Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.