Beat Buddy as Drum Brain?

I am sure I have seen this answered before, but has anyone successfully used and electronic kit to trigger the Beat Buddy, using the Beat Buddy as the drum brain/source of sounds?

I could also use EZ-Drummer or something similar, but have no idea how that would work…

As long as you have a drum machine with a midi out, that will work. You’d have to make the correct midi-in settings on the BB. The drum machine would send midi note info to the BB - pitch, velocity, note on, possibly note off depending on the machine. It would be best to look at the midi implementation chart of the drum machine to see what it can and does send.

Hey there,

Yes indeed, that’s possible

Do this all the time in Pro Tools, use MIDI out to BB and back in to Pro Tools as audio, sounds fantastic!

I’m using my BB occasionally with the Roland HPD-20 as trigger. Works perfect !