Beat Buddy Beat one is "Beat Four" on Aeros

I just got the BB/Aeros/Midi Maestro setup. I’ve set up Custom Mode to my liking. I’m making sure everything works as planned. I have the Aeros set as Transmitter (Master) sending MIDI to the Midi Maestro then MM sends the MIDI to the Beat Buddy and then the Beat Buddy sends it back to the Aeros.

This isn’t how I had it originally. Now for some reason, when I press record, it records but my recording is starting on beat 4, which is wrong. I can see the one, two, three, four on the BB and I press record on one, and usually it plays an intro and I start my recorded guitar on one. But for some reason it’s all off by one beat. It then cause it to have 3 beats of blankness then the loop. Everything is Off.

Can someone please offer me suggesting on how to troubleshoot this? It must be something simple. I’m starting the Recording with the Aeros and Song Grid Mode is Quantized.

Your connection is not good normaly it must be:

MM out to Aeros IN
Aeros Out to BB IN
Aeros to transmitter and Merge
BB to merge

  1. that got the sync correct but it’s still delaying playback by 4 beats and now “Arm” shows but never did before. What I mean is hit record on Aeros far right and I play at beat one and I record 4 bars and then when I hitnrecored tomgomtomplay it waits 4 beats to play?

I’m hitting it within the measure and before measure end too!

To clarify I play back on one and record four or 8 beats and everything is fine, synced correct as compared to before but now after hitting RECORD it waits 4 beats to start playing even ig I hit record on beat 1 2 3 before.

Probably Newbie error but all is appreciated

Seems like a track length issue. I press record and then play something and then press record again well within the measure and before the end hoping it will Sync at the end of measure and it still adds a measure of silence (4 beats) before playing instead of syncing/playing immediately when it should. Newbie I hope?

I’ve tried everything I record on one and press again 2-3 beats before and keep strumming but it still leaves a blank measure of silence and then it’s perfect but alternating that blank measure of silence. ?Going to bed. Too much, but much better feeling over RC-600 which time-warped me. Once I figure this out I’m gigging.

Do you use the count in ?
My english is not perfect, but try to help

Do you mean when you press record, you see blank and the red part record coming after a few bars?

Thanks NYHC, I watch your videos and they help me. I appreciate your help. No I hit record. Then the BB plays a 1 bar intro. I start my guitar playing at beat one after the intro and then hit Play after say 2 bars. It plays in Sync perfectly for 2 bars, but then instead of looping it adds one bar of silence, then it plays the 2 bar phrase again, then 1 bar of silence, then the phrase, then 1 bar of silence . . . . . .

All is updated ? last version ?
Check the time signature on BB and Aeros, must be the same

Yes, everything is up to date and time signatures are the same. Thanks.

I wanted to add that when I press Record on the Aeros, the BB starts the intro, and then goes into the 4/4 groove/loop. This groove/loop starts on beat 4 and ends on beat 4, i.e. 1 beat before the white line that is the start of the measure (beat one) on the Aeros screen. So the BB if out of Sync by 3 beats (or 1 beat depending on how you look at it) with the Aeros regardless of whether or not I’m recording anything.

If I start the BB, let it loop a bit, then press record on the Aeros at beat one, everything works as expected. I just want the Aeros to start the BB correctly.

I figured out why it was off Sync by one beat. I had a Boss FS-6 plugged in and it was creating an issue where the Beat Buddy was flashing the accented BLUE on beat 2 instead of one on the BB screen. I unplugged it and it’s back to beat one. So things are lining up, even after plugging back in the FS-6. I’m not sure what happened there.

Now the only issue is when I record 4 bars and then press play, it plays a blank/silent measure and then the 4 recorded guitar measures, then a blank measure, then 4 recorded etc. Why? Is there a setting I wrong related to count in?

If I disconnect MIDI from Aeros it works perfect.

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So, actually the reason for the BB being dark blue on beat two was because the Bossa Nova pattern was a 2 bar pattern and I was in 4/4, something to be mindful of.

Note, the solution for the blank measure is to have count in set to 1 on the Loop Studio screen, but also have the Red record circle selected. You can also select the Red record with the 1 in it, the 2nd press. Either works fine, but leaving it off causes a blank measure because it records immediately. So it was recording while the drum intro was playing. This works correctly now, however, now I’m not getting the beat buddy to play an intro, any idea why?

Minor issues at this point, if you think you know why BB isn’t playing intro let me know. The Aeros must not be sending the command until it starts recording.

Shout out to Daniel from SS tech support for helping me on these issues.