Beat buddy crackles and makes noise

my beat buddy cracles and make noise on play back and even does this on beat buddy manager on computer it like something is corrupt any ideas

I don’t recall hearing about this issue that affected the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) as well. Usually it’s just the pedal that does so.

Here’s what I’d suggest: start anew, which means you’re going to delete your BBM software and folders (bbworkspace) and delete the contents on your SD card (DO NOT format your card). Then download fresh copies of the BBM, firmware and default SD card content. To get you started on this process, you can adapt the instructions from my thread on this forum in General Disaster Recovery. The order should be to install the BBM, followed by installing the firmware only on the SD card. Use your computer SD slot reader—not the USB connection method. Test the pedal for noises; if no noises, proceed to copy the unzipped contents of the SD default content update to the card.

If none of this resolves your issues, you will have to contact Support.