Beat Buddy detect BPM from Guitar strumming


Do you know of any way to make the Beat Buddy auto-detect BPM based on my playing?
Using my old Boss RC-3 I was able to set the built-in digital “drum machine” to provide a beat along to my strumming. If I was to drift out of time the built-in beat keeper would adjust the beat to suit so that the loop still sounds good.

This is a great tool for songwriting and being creative without needing to worry about the pocket all the time. Sometimes Ideas just flow and I don’t want to reset and start again it’s easier to just play a bit faster or slower and have the looper and beats adjust automatically. This way I can concentrate on the parts that I am working on.

Any ideas welcomed.

Smartass response: Guitar player follows drummer. Drummer does not follow guitar player!

Semi-helpful response: I THINK there’s a TAP TEMPO option on the outboard pedal that you configure through the main pedal. Nothing that follows your guitar, but you should be able to set it with your feet.

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Or something like this:

I’m not actually sure that would work – but it’s cool!

I tried to find a current one. I found another listing that indicated you could have it follow a mic’d drum kit, so no reason it shouldn’t be able to follow a guitar strum. I’ve never seen one, but it just seemed like the kind of thing that should exist - something to follow an audio rhythm and convert it to midi clock. I have a BPM program on my ipad, which listens to songs and give the BPM. It doesn’t seem like that big of a jump to have a program like that then generate midi clock. But again, I have never seen one.

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Assuming that can do the timing task, can beatbuddy have the bpm adjusted dynamically via midi?

@Onur We are investigating an ‘auto quantize’ feature that will figure out the BPM from your first recorded track. I’ll post as soon as we get more solid info on this.

Hey David,

Thanks for the followup. I updated the software on both my BB and Infinity Looper and everything came together. The loop now follows the BPM set by BB. I still can’t create poly rhythms but I can use tap tempo to dynamically adjust the Bpm.

Everyday is a school day for me at the moment!

Loving these tools