beat buddy died or no power.

I plugged my beatbuddy in like I always have and i have no power or display. I was not in the middle of any update. the power cord is good and the outlet I plug it into works. reading all the posts it says to try a firmwere update. but with no power or lite up display this would not work. I did read that one owner said tech support was sending them an unlock device but not clear if there display is blank. Please help

Some things to try: SD cards go bad and when that happens, you will get the same symptoms you describe.

  • replace the SD card with a new one—just install the firmware on it and test in the pedal
  • if for some odd reason you can’t get a new SD card, reformat it (FAT32), install the firmware and test it in the pedal
  • if either of these work, then you should download and install the updated SD card default content
  • does your power adaptor work on another pedal or were you able to test it with a voltmeter? If you have another 9V 300mA power adaptor you can try that

If none of the above work, contact