Beat Buddy does not sync with Boomerang III

I have the Beat Buddy midi cable. I connect the midi out (so that the BB is the master) to the Boomerang’s midi in (so that it is the slave). I start a beat buddy drum set, record a phrase but it will not sync.

Firmware is 1.4.1

Thanks in advance for any advice.

I just bought a beat buddy and a boomerang Phase 3 just waiting on the Midi cable , hope mine sync’s up

I solved the problem. Hope this is helpful to all.
Started with:
BeatBuddy firmware version 1.2.1
Boomerang firmware version 2.1

Upgraded the BeatBuddy to the latests firmware version(1.4.1) and it still would not sync.
Upgraded the Boomerang firmware version to the latest version (3.4.1) and all worked perfectly.

So the take home is to make sure that both the BeatBuddy and the Boomerang are upgraded to the latest firmware things should be work perfect.

Is your BB’s MIDI settings set to MASTER? Check in the settings menu (press ‘tempo’ and ‘drum set’ knobs down at the same time. From there the MIDI settings are under Main Pedal).

EDIT: Just saw your response that it all worked out. :slight_smile:

Thanks BB my boomerang pedal and the Beatbuddy work floor less together

Maybe it’s a firmware issue with my Boomerang as well. The manuel does mention that the version below 3.0 do not accept midi clocks in.

Just saw this ref software version on the Boomerang

Determining exact software version

To verify which software version has possessed your III, hold down the loop 1 button and yellow Bonus button through out the entire
power up sequence (about 10 seconds). You’ll end up with the clock’s center light on and possibly one other light. Release the buttons.

Press loop 1 to see the first digit of the software version; the clock display shows you. Release and press loop 2 for the second digit.
Release and press loop 3 for the third digit.

050 = V1.0 - 2009, Aug
103-104 = V2.0 - 2010, Sep
111 = V2.1 - 2011, Jul
114 = V2.2 - 2012, Jun
118-122 = V3.0 - 2012, Dec
125 = V3.1 - 2013, Nov
127 = V3.2 - 2013, Dec
129 = V3.3 - 2014, May
131 = V3.4 - 2014, Sep

** DO NOT begin a download until your III has completed its initialization & power up sequence - This takes at least 10 seconds.
** If a download renders your III inoperable, all costs associated with fixing it are your responsibility. ** Downloading software is NOT covered by warranty. ** This is necessary due to the unpredictable nature of using a wide range of computers, operating systems, drivers and hardware interfaces. Having said that, hundreds of customers have performed software downloads without a problem. In fact only 5 have actually “bricked” their pedals.

Hi, I can’t see MASTER in the Midi Settings…? I see “Start” or “Beat Buddy”, then Mid Out or Mid Thru… no MASTER?

MIDI OUT = Master

This still doesn’t work. What else can I try…?

What doesn’t work? The BeatBuddy and the second device do not successfully sync, or you are unable to configure the settings?

Make sure you have the latest firmware on your BeatBuddy:

And make sure as well that you have the latest firmware for the second device if applicable.

Once you have the latest firmware for both, do you see all the MIDI settings? You can access them by pressing the ‘tempo’ and the ‘drumset’ knobs down at the same time, then going into Main Pedal > MIDI Messages (and go into the MIDI-OUT submenu).

Also, I assume you are doing this, but just make sure that you have the standard male-to-male MIDI cable connected to the BeatBuddy’s OUT and the Infinity’s IN.

They don’t sync. But I will make sure I have the latest firmware and see how I go. The connections are definitely correct.
Thanks, I’ll try this…