Beat Buddy Drum Samples

I’ve extracted and posted the following samples from BB kits listed. Also included are full lists of the assignments per kit and velocity etc. that match the folders in the zips.


Thanks a bunch for doing this, many I am sure will appreciate you compiling this :slight_smile:

How come there seems to be around 3 wav samples for each velocity group (i.e. 105-127)? Does this mean they all play at the same time if the velocity is between 105-127 for example (i.e. 3 bass drum samples on the same note)?

When a note with velocity in that range is encountered, BeatBuddy chooses one pattern using special patented randomization algorithm that makes sound feel rich and natural.

You’ll also see a few kit pieces use the same samples, Rock and Standard are similar kits but brushes has different sounds on all stick/brush hits. I counted about 490 total assignments in the kits with about 400 unique so a lot to mix and match. Things like a Crash that aren’t as repetitive seem to overall have fewer random pool assignments needed but often have more velocity levels to sound better on less aggressive levels than just toning down volume on a full hit.

Norbert, You are fantastic! I’ve used these samples to base my own custom kits around! Could not have gotten to the custom kits without this post! THANK YOU!! ROKKON>PAZ

Norbert, you da man!!! Don’t know how you did it but MAGNIFICO!! Thank you!

It’s pretty simple to do and I think someone documented it on here - something like opening a drum kit in BB Manager then the wav files appear in a temporary folder somewhere on your hard drive (can’t remember where at the minute) where you can then copy them to a permanent location if you wish.

Here it is - - see Charles Spencer’s post - and - see Daef’s posts.

Thanks a lot.

Cheers mate