Beat buddy fade

Fadeout option for BeatBuddy, it would be nice if when aeros has a fade-out option it could also pass a fade-out to beatbuddy so it could also fade out with the song.


another vote from me…

Interesting idea, how long would the BeatBuddy fadeout for? The problem I see here is that the BeatBuddy doesn’t know where the Aeros fade is if the BB is master, it would be difficult to find a way to keep the fades identical in timing which would possibly not be so musical.

This may not be so straightforward for this reason

Totally meaningful.

May be, fade out feature on BB with the ability to set time or number of measures for fade out.
this would work great playing live with BB And also with any loopers with fade out option.
Just a thought.

This is a good idea, a fade option. Hope they add this function.

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If the BB is setting the pace then it would maybe be a setting, but I think default could be from beginning to end of a measure. I would assume because the its digital when a fade is sent from say the midi Maestro to fade a track on the Aeros, that the Areas fade would be based on a measure also, so maybe the options are from a midi setting stand point, 1 - set track to fade end of measure, 2 - set all tracks to fade end of measure, and 3 - send fade to BB, because the MM can stack midi commands via the app which is freaking awesome easy to use by the way, you just stack what you like and go, you might have options for 1,2,3 measures.

I fade with a volume pedal. Just need to remember to stop the beat with the volume all the way down.