Beat Buddy Faulty Volume Knob. Return to USA or get it fixed locally?


I’ve got a Beat Buddy still in warranty I bought in the UK from a distributor that is no longer supplying beat buddies, The unit has a loose volume knob (still works but is wobbly) and have looked at doing the fix DIY but is too technical for me.

Emailed Singular Sound in the US and they said they’d be happy to exchange it for a new one if I send it back. Problem is it’s £20-£30 postage to get it there, possibility of it getting lost, maybe further customs charges then 2-3 weeks waiting time (I have band practise and we need it) so I’m wondering if it’d be best for me to just take it to my local electronics shops who’d fix it for £10 and only take a couple of days

What do you think. Send it back or quick local fix?

Thanks :slight_smile:

If the knob is merely loose fitting on the shaft, fix it yourself.

If the volume pot is loose, I would send it back for a replacement under warranty. Plan on insuring it both ways and for it to take 10 days each direction.

If you use the pedal to earn money from gigs, buy a used one locally and ship the other one back for replacement.

Your best bet is to get feedback from users in your country and situation to share their experience with any of the options above. Maybe they’ve done something different. Good luck.


Ok thanks. It’s hard to say if is just the knob or the pot as have tired to pull it off (it is one that’s held on by friction, not with an allen key screw) but its well stiff and feel like might pull the thing out of the socket as it already loose.

Yeah best to just send it back I think