Beat buddy fills, some questions

Is there a way to toggle between fills. Sometimes I want short fills, sometimes long ones, but this is practice, so I don’t know which. I 'd like to be able to just swap back and forth before the song continues. Oh, I have the footswitch.

No. Within one part you can either have the fills play in sequence or randomly but there is no way to pick a particular fill to play.

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That’s the conclusion I was coming to as well. I’m a beatbuddy noob, so thought I would ask. Not a crirical thing, just a minor nuisance. Thanks for the reply

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I haven’t tried this, but you may be able to replicate the same drum loop (without a transition fill) in BBM, and use one for short fills and the other for long fills.

Apologies if I’m stating the bleeding obvious here… but I tend to press the pedal early or late, depending on how big I want the fill… early in bar for a full kit roll, or almost at, say, last quarter note to get just a snare hit and a crash to bring in next bar.

Even crazier, if you do this a couple of times mid song, you get some highlights… then you’re back around at the roll you really wanted (say, for the chorus - the important bigger roll)?

Or… delete the ones you don’t want to use from the BB manager and sync the song back to the BB?

I also have the same section of some universal beats (songs) replicated with different rolls, so section 1 is noisy, section 2 less noisy, etc. Good for jamming where I just press and hold and go between sections to get the roll I want. Maybe quieter early, louder rolls later, etc.

I use all of these crazy methods for different songs and I’m happy as a quail : - )

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I don’t think it is bleeding obvious, but that is the magic of this pedal. I love the way you can be creative with fills and transitions in this way more than just a backing track. One-press songs are great and have their place, but mastering the usage of fills really brings out the best in this pedal.

agree 100%. And I don’t think people should be scared of putting a few more hours in - to get way more from this great little pedal. Better return on investment, methinks!

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