Beat Buddy Firmware update

I follow the YouTube video but when I go to the download firmware site, I get a folder with these things inside: app
The bin files are zipped but when I open them I get more zipped files. Have I left the reservation?

The video does not say to open up any other folders - all you do is copy those files you have listed to the SD card.

There was no overwrite request but it worked anyway. Thanks

I also watched the video and don’t have an SD card reader so I turned on the BB with SD card inside and connected to my Mac as video instructs. But I don’t see it mounted on my Finder screen - where is it so I can drag the new Firmware fil
es to its window?

Welcome, Gerry. Are you sure your Mac doesn’t have an SD card reader? I understand the older Macs do not have a built-in reader but the new models do. To find out if you have one, click on the Apple in the menu and select About this Mac; press System Report… and under Hardware, see what it says for Card Reader (see screen shot)

The older BeatBuddy firmware will not connect your pedal via USB; the newer firmware however, will allow you to do so. So if you don’t have a built-in SD card reader, consider buying one or find a computer that has an SD card reader and load the 1.8.5 firmware to your card. When you plug the SD card back into your pedal, it should say “Updating Firmware” so make sure you do not remove the card or interrupt the power to your pedal while it updates. Once the firmware update has completed, you should be able to connect your pedal using USB to your Mac.


If your Mac does not have an SD card slot, then you will need to get a SD card reader such as this one:

Once you upgrade to the latest firmware, you will be able to connect your BeatBuddy to your Mac via the USB cable, or in the same way as you would with the device I linked above.