Beat Buddy Foot Pedal

Getting old is not nice lol, I have just taken delivery of my Beat Buddy Foot Pedal to work with my Beat Buddy, I thought that the Foot Pedal was a pedal that you just pressed to put in things like fill’s etc. but when trying it I have found that the switches are the one push for on and one push for off type, I would have thought that it would be better to use the foot switches that are just touched or held down, surely this would save having to press the foot pedal on and off just to do a fill or whatever…can some one tell me am I looking at this all wrong or is there a special way to set it up in conjunction with the Beat Buddy, all I want is Pause with Metronome for timing on one and maybe Cow Bell on the other…sorry if I seem a bit thick but I am just getting used to mobile phones lol thanks in advance

Pause with Metronome is not currently entirely possible. To achieve the closest results to what you want, you can try using a Mute Pause.
This is a special mode that is activated through pedal main menu. Press both Tempo and Drum Set knobs at the same time. Then, I believe, you should choose Main Pedal, then Mute Pause. (Please refer to user manual, as I am writing this from the top of my head now!)

Mute Pause will mute BeatBuddy completely (though you wished to have metronome). But the on-screen pedal beat indicator will actually continue ticking, allowing you to stay completely in time!

Actually, having metronome clicks while on Mute Pause would be a great addition to the pedal. I’ll add that to the suggestion list!

Whether the switches themselves are latching (on/off) or non-latching (momentary), it doesn’t matter, you can configure the BB to work with either.
You can configure a BB external switch to pause, though the only metronome will be visible on the screen, no sound.
You can configure one of the switches to make an accent sound, but the actual accent sound is configured within each song.

If you have not already done so I suggest reading the manual which explains this all very well.

Hello Psalm40! I like that title by the way. My software did not come with the “Wave Tracks”. The folders are empty. I was watching one of your tutorials on how to change the accent tracks. How or where can I get the wave files? Fingerstylepicker.

The WAV files for the accent hits are located on the SD card in a folder called WAVES. Although you can use any wav files as long as it is under 3mb.

Thanks. Found them. Also found that if you copy the default library into the BBManager/Project files, they will all pop up in the fill windows when you click on them. I also found out that you can copy different fills from the midi files and they can be used in different drumsets within a song. Great! I just created a drumtrack for Caravan with the “Swing Part” on the bridge and it worked great. Pass this on.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.