Beat Buddy Help

Hey guys!
It’s been a while since I’ve been on the forums. I’ve been so busy this has gotten pushed down my list of priorities, but can’t put it off any longer! I wondered if there are any Beat Buddy “experts” out there willing to tutor me (I’m willing to pay).

What I mean is, I’m extremely busy with work and gigs etc. and every time I dig out the Beat Buddy to ‘once and for all’ learn how to make my own beats etc, I get immediately overwhelmed and frustrated and put it aside again. I have a Voicelive Extreme that I want to connect up with the Beat Buddy and do some solo gigs next year, but it all relies on me getting the hang of the Beat Buddy. Please help :slight_smile:

Do you have a DAW yet and are you comfortable being taught with that? If not, Beat Builder is a good set of starter wheels.
Are you looking to learn OPB (one-press bass)?
There are some good tutorials created by Guitar Stu and aashideacon that are solid starting points:…-with-bass-bb-songs-on-a-mac.4896/#post-17724

I’m sure there are users here that will help without expecting to be paid. See your forum Inbox.

Do you know if there are new links with this content? Seems the links does not exist anymore. Thanks!

Wow. This thread is 4+ years old :smirk:

The old forum is broken and Singular Sound has not done anything yet to restore it.

You can find the content on this forum by searching for these subjects:
Create your own songs for dummies
How to create “with bass” BB songs on a mac

However (there’s always a “however,” right?) the images within those threads were lost when the server crashed in 2017. You might be better off searching on the the word tutorial and see if you find any of those threads helpful.

Amazingly, the Wayback Machine has this page. But it looks like Photobucket are holding the images to ransom