Beat Buddy in the signal chain

As a new user to both pedals and the BB. I just wondered what the pros and cons may be of passing your guitar signal through the BB. Im lucky enough to have an AER Domino amp which gives me 4 channels all with EQ so I can give the BB its own channel and do not need to pass the guitar and its effects chain through the BB.
Just wondered if there is anything I am missing by doing this?


The BB buffers the signal. Too hot on the input will overdrive the buffer. I’ve done it with my bass guitar.

Thanks for your input Rob. So not putting the guitar signal through the BB avoids this. This is clearly one advantage on not putting the Guitar signal through the BB.

Yes. The buffer itself didn’t seem to color the sound at all so it’s a clean pass through for the limited time I tried it with both bass and regular guitar. Just don’t crank the levels up too much, it will distort.

I had to hook it up “in line” with my guitar once at a gig cuz I was missing a connector cable, lol. It was OK - but it was only an acoustic guitar, a tuner and a Delay pedal in the chain.

I prefer running a line from the BB output directly to the PA to have better control of the level and EQ. Separate channel for acoustic guitar levels and EQ.

If you put the BeatBuddy at the end of the chain on a pedalboard, the level of the signal should be at a nominal level and not cause any problems unless you drive a distortion pedal real hot. I have mine right at the end of all the stomp boxes and then out of the BeatBuddy into a Looper and then to a Mixer. I have a nice level there for recording purposes and also feed to two tube amps. Great sound.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.