Hey All!

I made a video tonight! Ive been using the beat buddy on gigs for a long time now... Ive just this last month installed and started using the low two strings going out separatley to an octave down pedal. Doing some rehearsing for a gig this weekend so decided to make a video while at it… Hope ya dig! Cheers! T

P.S Listen on headphones or speakers to hear that low end


Love the OC-3! I only use it sparingly but I’ve been incorporating it more and more lately.

You definitely get a full band sound between the BB, the OC-3 and the looper. Great stuff!

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Thanks mate!

Oh yeah - I can’t go back now… the OC3 has been a major game changer for me! :raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2::raised_hands:t2:

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Great setup - Sounds mighty…

I’m only getting into Beat Buddy

Infiniti Looper
Roland GR-55
TC Harmony G XT

…on my Board - Lotta work rehearsing :slight_smile:

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Keen to hear the GR-55… I was day dreaming today about having other sounds available… Banjo! Post a video once you`re up and running!:cowboy_hat_face::raised_hands:

I’m a bit off posting a video :yum: I’ve only got stuck in. Briefly used the GR-55 once or twice live.
Gotta be real careful about your sound choice - soft attack, pad, strings work best for me - too many extraneous notes on anything else (piano, banjo, etc in which I have no interest really)

Watch this space…