Beat Buddy + Infinity Looper

Hi, I’m trying to use my Beat Buddy with my Pigtronix Infinity Looper. I’ve seen videos with people using them together, but I cannot get mine to play well together. I can record a looper, but when I stop it, it will not restart, only the Beat Buddy starts, not the looper. I have updated to the latest firmware on each device.

Is there a setting I need to change? If so, where is it located? Is there a

how to hook up

video on how to specifically have these two devices work together? Any help would be greatly appreciated, I’m frustrated at this point. It seems to work perfect in the YouTube videos, but no one says how to hook it up. Settings seem to have to be changed. Thanks in advance for any replies.

Search this forum for Infinity posted by persist and you should come up with helpful feedback on settings for both pedals.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did spend several hours researching and am completely burntout. You need a Phd in computer midi knowledge and I consider myself pretty computer savvy.

It is neither pedal’s fault, they are both great “Stand-alone” pedals. To get them to work together is extremely frustrating. You would think since both pedals have been out for several years it would be a simple software fix, but it is not. I love the Beat Buddy. I recently purchased the Entire Premium Library.

I may try again some day, but today is not that day. I have reached the end of what amounted to total frustration.

Maybe it will help you. link

Any luck?

I have both of these and did factory resets on both before connecting them. They work great with no configuration changes here (I do also have the latest firmware on both). Let me know what you have tried and perhaps I can help.

Thanks for the video link. I had already seen this, but it does not tell you what the midi settings are in the Beat Buddy, or the Infinity Looper. It is not a simple plug and play as you might be led to believe by the video, at least for me. I need to know of any midi settings that might need to be changed. If you have any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.

My Infinity Looper is older, but has been updated to the latest firmware. My Beat Buddy has the latest firmware update as well. My problem would seem to be in the midi settings. The Infinity Looper is not recognizing the Beat Buddy. So, I’m believing there must be midi settings in the Beat Buddy that need to be changed. I’ve tried several things, but nothing has been the right fix.

Can you tell me what your midi settings are for you midi out on the Beat Buddy? Also, I can’t seem to access the Infinity software at all. I’m running Windows 10, and I tried also on Windows Vista and XP and still can’t get the Infinity software to load. It keeps saying there is an error.

Thus, my frustration. Any further help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here’s a link to BB MIDI settings BeatBuddy and Infinity Looper Won't Sync

In order for the Infinity app to work, connect your looper via USB to your computer and then power up the looper. Then start the Infinity app on your computer.

Thanks for the Link, I set the midi out to Sync disable and now I can record a loop, pause or stop it, but when I rehit the Beat Buddy to start again, only the Beat Buddy plays and not the Looper. I’m halfway there, if we can get it to sync and restart I’ll be in business.

I tried the hookup as suggested with the Looper to the PC, but it still won’t open the software for the Looper. I tried running as Administrator and still the same thing. A black box appears for a second and disappears. I’m at a loss.