Beat Buddy Integration With EHX1440

Has anyone tried to use the EHX 1440 with the BB? I have it setup to midi sync with the clock and to stop a loop when I do the outro on the BB. Are there any other options in the BB settings that would give me other options? One idea I would like is starting the loop recording automatically after count in. I am open to ideas. Thank you!

I just bought the 1440 and then got the BB for a midi clock so you are not alone! I’m just getting started so I won’t be much help yet. For a count in perhaps a silent or simple click intro on the bb? So it goes red four beats and then starts the 1440. Setting midi out start to main beat does it.

I would love to get that working. Are you saying that the 1440 would automatically start recording after a count in?

Definitely can be done. Let’s see if I can list all the settings. Of course the BB midi out is connected to the 1440.

On the BB settings the Main Pedal/Midi Settings/Midi Out needs two things,
Start/Main Beat and Sync/While Playing.

On the 1440 the EXTC external clock mode should be XT4B to wait for midi start. Press EXT CLK, the green light will be on but not flashing because no sync yet.

The BB Blues 1 has a simple intro, three high hats and a snare on four, that makes a good count in, some of the intros are too fancy I think.

So then you just get an empty loop on the 1440, press loop and the red light will flash while it waits for a midi start. Start the Beat Buddy, the intro plays, it sends start and the 1440 begins recording with a solid red light. That’s it! :sunglasses:

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Thank you! I cannot wait to try this. My plan was to use a simple count in instead of intros. If this works, I am going to be very happy I sold my RC-300 :slight_smile:

So I have this mostly working. Do you have to press record on the the EXH 1440 right after you start the count in or is it supposed to start recording automatically? Currently, I have to press record first but it will start once the intro is done.

It will work either way as long as the 1440 is armed to record (red flashing) when it gets the midi start at the end of the intro. The 1440 doesn’t (yet?) have a midi control to arm automatically so you have to press Loop. If there is already a loop recorded, you can get a playback sync’ed with the BB by pressing Loop while the BB is playing, it will start playing the loop at beat one.

I found it easy to use the Manager software to get a click count in. Just create a new song, copy the parts you want from another song, and replace the intro with the metronome quarter notes or any other sound you have in the drum kit, closed high hat, clave, whatever. And you can set the velocity to whatever volume you want including silent if you are ok with watching only.

Update - I had forgotten to do the "Start/Main Beat and Sync/While Playing’ setting. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I have also configured the footswitch to start the loop over after a pause which is perfect for many songs I am doing.

Now if EHX would come out with a 1440 with two tracks I would have all I need :slight_smile:

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