Beat Buddy -Intro's

go here: and click on the Information tab. There are links to lots of good information there

Steve, Have you downloaded “Beat Builder” yet? If not, you need to do that first. That will enable you do convert the midi files into .bbt files so you can use them in BB Manager. Psalms40 has several learning videos to show you how to create songs. I know that you can’t load the midi files direct into BB Manager. First off, when you save the midi files, you have to create a folder called BB Workspace and move it direct into BB Manager where the “Boot Up” file is located. This is very important to do this. When you save the midi files to this location, it will create a default library where the midi files will be stored. You can now access this file in “Beat Builder” and it will also be accessable to BB Manager but not in the import section. You will then create a new song in BB Manager and in the slots where it says “Main Beat”, you left click once and it will open, then you will have to find the BB Workspace, Default Library, and inside the default library there will be the midi files. Click on one that says that it’s a “Beat” and open it. It will download into BB Manager and it will then play when you click on the picture of the pedal. You have to put the Main Beat in first to get the BB Manager to play the file. Next, you can click on the fill, transition, etc. to download a midi file into that location and begin creating a song. It is strictly a learning process, but a few times through it and it will become second nature. I had to learn all of this by doing. You can then save the work as a Project Name but be careful as to where it is saved, because it is hard to find if you don’t keep track of it. I only create one project at a time and load most of my songs into just that one project. It’s easier that way. Once you have a project saved, you can then load it into the BB Pedal or better yet, to the SD Card. As you gain more and more songs in a project, make sure to create a backup copy on an SD Card and put it in a safe place. As a matter of fact, buy some 2 Gig SD Cards and make a first copy of the original SD Card that comes with the Beat Buddy and put the original away along with the copy of it. Create another one and use that for your working copy. Make a copy of that too as you add songs to it so you will always have a back up. Make backup files so you can reload your projects should you ever lose the current project card or it gets corrupted. Backup, Backup, Backup. You will never be sorry. Hope all this helps, and let me know how you come out with all of this. It helps to have a friend that has been through all of this. I will show you some neat shortcuts as you go along. You don’t “Have To” have the Beat Builder, but it helps when you want to edit the midi files which you will be doing later.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

hello all , wondering if you can have some songs count in and others drum intros ??? thanks

The pedal setting to disable intros is global. But you could make a simple two measure midi count in, and use that as your count in for every song where you wanted to just have a count in.