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Okay here we go. I just bought the BB, and have had it for less than 24hours. The first thing I noticed is the useless intros. There not even good intros. Anyway is it possible using the BB manager software to just remove the intro, and insert a click count

Yes. There is an option in the set up on the pedal itself to do just that. It replaces the intro with a straight one measure count in. If you need more specifics, search the forum here for details.

Thanks !!! Found it .

Okay thank you. I was able to disable the intro fills, however I do not see an option there to replace with count clicks. do I need an updated firmware ? I believe mine is V1.29

I don’t remember when it was added. Recently for sure. I am on Firm 1.4.1. After update, go to Main Pedal > Intro > Count In. This should do the trick. That is all I use now because I play with others and we need a predictable, easy to follow count in so we can stay in sync. My preference would be for stick hits, but I think this is a rim shot or something like that. Give it a try. Good luck!!

WOW love my Beat Buddy

You can always create your own count-ins and add them to the intro part removing the original.

Thank You . Also, is it possible to just download a complete drum -bass backing track from say , and add it to the Beat buddy ? Through the BB manager ?

You can’t just add midi for drum and bass tracks without a little editing. However, that editing isn’t really hard. The “trick” is that the pedal only plays one midi track, and that track is of course usually a drum track. Guitar Stu added 2 octaves of bass notes to a standard drum track, so if you use his drum kit, you can hear drums and bass together. You just have to take the drum track and merge the bass track with it, but transpose the bass track appropriately. To get a little technical, he put 2 octaves of bass from midi notes 64-88. Typically, you just transpose the bass line up 2 or sometimes 3 octaves before merging the bass and drums together. I posted a mini tutorial about how to do this.

Thanks for your reply. If I wanted to justdownload a comple Drum only backing track for a specific song , woudl be Mp3 format, or could convert to wave format, Would I be able to add it to the song folder ? Would that Work//

Beatbuddy songs are basically just midi tracks (in the song file) that trigger samples (in the drum kit).

With a midi editor (there are many!), you can take most any midi song out there and save out the drum track. Typically, you’d want to cut it into verse, chorus, etc. There is a 500 note limit on the midi track.

I guess the thing to do is to download midi drum files from say

I’ve heard good things about the groovemonkey stuff

Now sure how to make a new post here yet … Anyway I just upgraded firmware from 1.29 to v1.41. Inoticed it gave me the option to replace intros with rim shots… Is it just me or did the beats change too.

Also, if you can help… why can’t I find just a basic boom chuck "old " country beat ?

They haven’y made one yet. It’s too simple. Here is one I created in Beat Builder I use a lot. Beat Builder is a free download where you can edit your own Drumbeats in Midi configuration. Let me know if you get it OK. There are hundreds of requests for a simple “Boom-Chuk” beat.
Sincerely, Fingerstylepicker.

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Hey… Is there a tutorial for making your own songs using a midi editor? I’d like to understand the. Process.

Where can I find Beat Builder?

Hi all, newbie to BB here. Working on learning curve. I’m studying manuals but have problem. Purchased beat content from GrooveMonkee and cannot import it because it is midi file only and not portable - not .sng or .pbf. All attempts to import to
BB Mgr failed due to not portable files. GrooveMonkee told me I have to use BB Mgr software to create .sng files in order to import them to BB. I can’t find anything telling me how to do that anywhere. Help anyone?