Beat Buddy isn't loud enough

I use my best buddy in line on my pedal board.2nd to last with my looper at the end. Is there a way to make the volume louder. I have had the volume knob at max since I got it & always have to. turn down my guitars to hear it. Is this a software issue ? Other than that I love this thing !

Try to turn up Phones Volume (on the right side of BB)

Thanks, buy that didnt work… :frowning:

Just as an aside and which you probably already know, your headphones output is controlled by a separate volume wheel on the side of the pedal and your left and right output jacks are controlled by the volume knob on top of the pedal.

If you’ve tested with

  1. different patch cables, and
  2. using different outputs on your BeatBuddy (BB) pedal, and
  3. plugged into another amplifier and your pedal still does not output enough volume,
    please contact Support,

Could you list what instruments/pedals/devices are in the signal chain and the order? Like below…

?? >>>> BeatBuddy >>>> Looper >>>> ?? >>>> ?? >>>> Amp??

Guitar-Tuner-wah-fuzz-distortion-phaser-delay-reverb-BEAT BUDDY- looper-amp

Note: It all works fine including the BB, it just needs to be louder. The volume knob and headphone volume are all the way up.
Something I have thought about is I play inside my condo thru a 5 watt amp, the amp volume is barely on (so I dont disturb neighbors), maybe that is a factor…
thanks for any ideas. Will

Can you try plugging the guitar directly into the amp first and check the volume and then add each device one a at a time to see if these one device in the chain that produces a loss of volume?
guitar > amp
I use my BB into mixer then into a powered PA speaker, so I have some gain stages that do give adequate volume. Your looper can likely be a gain stage and surely the amp to make up for what the BB may not be doing.

And if your looper has a master volume or volume controls for left/right, check that they’re at the recommended level for at least unity.