Beat Buddy issue with volume

Hi all, am having an issue with my BB the display is static on the volume screen flickering on full volume at 75%to 78%.I have tried restarting, resetting, deleted and restored the as card and still the same. Any advice would be welcome.

Boils down to 2 options:

  1. Replace firmware on your card:
    Check that your SD card is unlocked
    Download a fresh copy of firmware version 3.80, unzip.
    Place SD card in your computer slot reader and copy files to your SD card
    Power off on your pedal and insert SD card
    Power on to pedal and allow it to either boot up or update the firmware.

If this doesn’t work,

  1. Contact Support for help.

Please let us know how it turns out

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Thanks persist I will get on the case and report back many thanks for the response.

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A fresh download of the firmware did the trick persist all is back to normal, phew had me worried for a bit there. Thank you for the speedy response and advice.