Beat Buddy Lost Power During Update With Mac - It Is Now Dead!

While updating my BeatBuddy, it lost power and is totally dead now.
I saw the thread on how to bring it back to life on a PC but I use a Mac and those instructions, obviously do not work.
Can anyone give detailed instructions on how to fix this situation on a Mac?

It should be exactly the same as the BB is independant of the operating system. The only issue you will have is needing to use an SD card reader as your BB will not be recognised by your Mac if you are connecting it directly via USB.

My Mac will not accept or use the zipped file WIN32 as that is for PC only.
Beat Buddy is dead. No lights or signs of life in any way, shape or form.
So, even if I had a good updated SD card, it would not be able to fire up regardless.

Well, here is the results of the bricked BB.
I got the power fix card and it took a few seconds, then came back to life. Once that was done, I put in the regular SD card and it took a moment, but again, loaded up and was working.
The footswitch was not acting properly and only working on the 2’nd stomp. Apparently, that had to be programmed differently which Tech Support e-mailed the instructions to do which was quick and easy. My old BB is now performing like a champ once more!
It is nice to have a happy ending to this story!

Thanks to Persist and Daef for their concern and help through this! You guys are appreciated!

That’s great! The important thing here is that “bricked” state is not a terminal or a permanent state of the BeatBuddy. It’s very temporary - simply an update gone wrong. There are steps (that you, @Dr.Davy, already have made) that return the BeatBuddy back to the working state.

I’m glad that you have sorted this out! Have fun now :slight_smile:

Thanks, Daef.
I was pleasantly surprised all right. I did not think the bricked BB would come back to life.
However, as I mentioned, I had to wait until I got a power fix card in the mail from Tech Support. Without that, nothing would have brought it back that I am aware of. I am having fun again. Hard to believe how attached I got to the BB drumming and the hole it left when it was down. Have a great P&W session! I will do the same.
Best wishes to everyone who tried to help during that trying time!

where is the “thread on how to bring it back to life”? My BB is bricked

N/A as you mention that you fixed your problem in a later thread.

yeah should have closed the loop here. For reference the thread here allowed me to bring my BB back to life.

My Beatbuddy is bricked, I was sent the power SD card and it still will not power up. What now???

Contact Support.