Beat buddy making a clicking noise

Beat Buddy is making a clicking noise: very fast rhythmic clicks. Swapped cables, then unplugged power supply while clicking was on, it bricked (would not power on). Tried making a rescue Flash SD. Nothing (5 times). Then it came back on on its own, but its still clicking.

Version 4.1.4
Power Supply output 9.0V

Worried it will Brick Again.

Clicking problem solved: midi out of BB was plugged into midi out of Aeros.

Bricking … not sure?

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If you were using a non-Singular Sound PSU, that, in combination with the mis-wired MIDI cables, could have caused the bricked symptom you reported. At this stage though, it’s hard to say.

Glad you sorted it out and let us know what was going on.

Clicking noise: Midi Out of Beat Buddy plugged into Midi Out of Maestro.

Time to fix: 30 seconds.
Time to solve: 9 hours!

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