Beat Buddy Manager 1.5.01- Importing Wav

Ive just bought a Beat Buddy and started trying the software. After updating to firmware v1.85 I tried setting up a New folder and song structure in Beat Buddy Manager v1.5.01 installed on my Mac.
I used Steinberg Wavelab 9 to create a .wav file of appropriate size to import but I kept getting a file import error in BBM. I then imported one of the BB accent files to examine its attributes and noticed that Wavelab showed no metadata for the file which is usually in the .wav file header.
I searched the web to see if there was a utility which would strip out metadata and found one called Tagstripper for the Mac. Running my created .wav file through this to strip out the metadata then allowed BB to import the file as an accent.
This leads me to believe that Beatbuddy software may have a problem in processing .wav files which contain metadata in their header. I do not know whether this could just be caused by any metadata or specific fields as this would require more extensive testing.
Just wondered if anyone else has noticed or can confirm this?

Can you upload the file please?

As requested 3 Files attached
1: Wav file “Pedal A 16b - Before.wav” header containing metadata removed with Tag Stripper for Mac
2: Error message .jpg when dragging and dropping onto BB Accent in BBM v 1.5.01
3: Wav file “Pedal A 16b - After.wav” after Tag Stripped which drags and drops OK into BBM
Original Wav was a truncation of a larger file actioned in Wavelab Pro 9
All processing on Mac OS-X v10.11.4 El Capitan

I also imported an existing BB accent file into Wavelab 9 and noted it showed no metadata content existing which most normally created wav files would have. But this probably depends on the software used to create the file initially.

Hope this helps.

The first one has a malformed header, and the After one looks correct.

Now thats interesting. That before file was edited in Steinberg Wavelab Pro 9 to truncate it to size so it did not exceed the accent fill size. So I believe the process of truncating and saving would have meant Wavelab software created a new header on save.
Are you able to clarify what you used to identify the malformed header error and any info on what the specific error may have been to the header.
I can then raise it with Steinberg. The Wavelab programmer is pretty good in checking out potential bugs.

At least as far as the beatbuddy parsing wav files…
bad header:
good header:

Thanks for that info. Been now looking at the standard for headers for RIFF files to see if I can identify why BeatBuddy does not process some WAV produced by other software. I’ve seen a few posts indicating others have had the problem in producing files BB can read so this does not appear unique to Wavelab 9 Editor. The RIFF wav standard has been around for a long time and is supposed to be extensible as Metadata is added but BB should be able to ignore this additional data. The Tag Sripper software I used to strip metadata out of the file, which allowed BB to read the file is possibly giving me a clue to where the problem may be so I will need to examine a number of working and non working files against the standard to pin point the problem. Looks like I’m going to need some additional software tool for hex analysis on the Mac. Oh happy days, takes me back to my early days of computing with DOS and ANSI and BASIC. This will at least get the old grey matter working, it needed a bit of oil.

Have the solution now. It appears that BeatBuddy manager software v1.5.0.1 does not support Wav files where the header includes the RF64 standard. Wave lab Pro 9 supports all the latest amendments to the Wave file standards which includes RF64 but also allows you to turn off those which modify Wav file headers recognising that not all programs support the latest updates and enhancements.
Turning off the write RF64 header info allows BeatBuddy Manager to read the Wav file.
This is likely to be the reason where other programs struggle with reading Wav files as they too may not have been updated to incorporate the latest standards on the file types. Beat buddy manager software needs to be updated with the latest Wav file header standard to avoid this issue.

Not sure how Singular Sounds pick up on info which may be possible software bugs, so sent info in email to as well.


I’ve been researching and discussing this with support, and I think we reached the same conclusion at the same time :slight_smile:

I went on the fast path to understanding wav file headers, I like to keep my brain exercised since I retired.
Only had my Beat Buddy a few days.

The next two fast track items are getting familiar with the midi side so I can control my pedal board midi chain wirelessly from my iPhone. Lots of organisational fun there, making sure everything has its own channel and the commands work.

The other being looked at is understanding all the wav file parameters required by BBM such as file size limits for individual files depending on which field in BBM they are used on. I believe I read that the total size of wave files used in one song is 100mb. Not sure what file size limit is on Accent files. Is there a doc somewhere which has all this tech info to save me working it out piecemeal?


So, I got my wav.-samples stripped with tag stripper. Made another new drumset. Samples play in the BB Manager now. But transferring the project to the card, the samples will not be “in the drumset”. Seems, the drumset-file contains all neccessary informations, but no sample data at all. The file is - on the card - 340 kb size, (as well as in the BB workspace on Mac); just a shell without sample content.
For some reason samples will always not been included in the drumset file…

Unfortunately I can’t help you on that bit as I haven’t had my Beat Buddy long enough to learn how to create Drumkits with BBM.

I’m just starting to experiment with this myself, but it seems to me that you might have to put your WAV files here for them to sync properly.


I have the same problem. Have wav songs and cant import to BB Manager. Any solution to this? Thanks!

As far as I know you can’t import and play an entire song as a wav file.
The “Accent Hit” is the only trigger that will play a wav file, but wav file is limited in size.
The small wav files, for the drum sounds, are meant to be triggered by midi note events in the Intro,Transition,Outro…
The wav files must be 44.1khz and stripped of their meta data.
Using BBManager should allow you to import and create your drum kits
There are tutorials on almost all of this.

I am not a pro user, so some of the above comments may need corrections.