Beat Buddy Manager computer system requirements

Hey my midi friends,

What are the computer system requirements needed to use the beat buddy manager? I ask this because I am running an old 2009 Mac Pro with Protools HD192. I cannot recall what version of Mac OS I have and can’t check it now since I am at work. But I will check it when I get home. My computer is so old that I cannot use it to get online. So my thought was if I could download the beat buddy manager on a friend’s computer that I might be able to burn it to disc with the BBM on it and install it on my Jurassic Mac so I could start working on songs etc.


I’ve had the official release of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) working on macOSs El Capitan thru Sonoma. It may work on older versions too. According to the BBM quickstart guide, it will work with macOS 10.9 (Maverick).

What version are you using?

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I downloaded the BBM software and put it on a thumb drive. I have been able to load it. However my Mac Pro does not recognize the BB pedal plugged into my usb port and it does not appear on my desktop. My Mac Pro specifications are as follows: 2009 Mac Pro running OS X version 10.8.5. Processor: 2x2.26 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Xeon. 32 gigs of RAM. This is the highest OS that is still compatible with my Protools HD system. I plan to get a new system at some point when I can afford it. I might have to get a very cheap laptop so I can start creating with the BB. Any thoughts about why the pedal is unrecognizable?

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Your Mac should recognize the pedal. Check that in the Finder preferences that you’ve checked the blocks for external drives so that they’ll appear on your desktop. Try a different USB data cable (make sure it’s not a USB cable for just power).

It would be much better to use the built-in SD card reader if you have one on your Mac. If you don’t have one and you can’t connect using the USB connection method, you’ll be better off buying and using an external media card reader.

Let us know how it turns out.

Hello Persist,

As per your suggestion I switched ports and cables and now am up and running, I am fairly certain that the cable I was using was not a usb data cable. Thanks very much.


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Hello Persist,

Well after getting things working. I can play the beat buddy stock content, but the premium content will not play on my old Mac Pro. The virtual BB pedal will not actuate. So I went back to the stock sd card and it plays fine, and actuates the virtual BB. I created a new set list folder as indicated in the manual, exported ballad 2, into songs, and tried to import it back into my new set list folder but every time I attempt to import it, it crashes the BB manager. Tried it many times with the same result. Then I tried it again but this time I first unplugged the beat buddy, thinking that since I do not have a sd card reader except the one on the BB that it might be the culprit. But again BB manager crashes, while trying to import. I’d love to make it work on my old Mac but I have no idea what to try next, except to get a newer computer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks again for all of the great MIDI mind melding that goes on here on this forum.


After reading the response from Support in some of these older threads: Search results for '10.8.5' - Singular Sound Forum it appears that a) macOS 10.8.5 will not import/export properly to the pedal when connected via USB; b) the only thing I can suggest is to use an external USB media reader.

(Passing comment)… man, those USB cables can try one’s patience!

Thanks Persist,

I have ordered an external card reader and will update you when I receive it. Hopefully it will be a solution.


Completely agree with you. Too often technology doesn’t foster peace and tranquility.