Beat Buddy Manager Erased My Song File

Maybe someone can assist me here. I had my entire song file on Manager and sync’ed to the card in the BB.
I am very scrupulous about saving the project after I add a new song in my gig folder, before I log off I always sync to the the BB.
I opened up Manager today and I only had three songs in my gig folder! I turned on the BB and sure enough all my songs where still there.
I have tried everything I know short of sync’ing project to the BB (which logic tells me will only transfer the 3 songs in my folder while erasing all the ones on the card in the BB.

I can’t find where the project saved to yesterday before I logged off, and I’ve tried quitting Manager and reloading it. Nothing, only 3 songs.

Can someone please give me some pointers on how I may recover my entire Gig folder on Manager?

Thanks to all the folks on the forum for all the good info!

Hmmm. Did you sync to the pedal using the USB cable method or did you sync to the SD card using your computer SD slot reader? If you recall the name of your project, you can search your computer for that name. Once you find it, use the BBM to open that project. Let me know if you make any progress and if not, I’ll try to help you recover your project. In the interim, don’t mess with the SD card contents.

Thanks for your response! I won’t mess with the SD card. Thanks for that.
I sync’ed to the card and like I said, all my songs are on the card in the BB. They have disappeared from the Manager file. Even though I saved the file after every song, and again before I quit Manager the songs are no longer in my Gig list. I have looked all over my computer files and can’t find where the project saved to. And I can’t figure out why only three songs show up in the Gig list. I went into my project file and opened it again, and only three songs.

If your pedal has all of your songs, try this:

  • Put the SD card in your computer SD card slot reader
  • In the BBM, File > Open > Project (navigate to the project on your SD card and select it)
  • You’ll get a prompt asking if this is what you want to do and that you should copy to your computer (or words to that effect); approve it and save to your BBworkspace folder
  • Eject the SD card from your computer
  • Click on the Project Explorer (it should show you your Project name and where it’s saved to
    [ATTACH]6300[/ATTACH] For example, this is the path to where I have my project saved [ATTACH]6301[/ATTACH]

Thank You persist! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
It worked like a charm! Not only was I just about sick to my stomach, my wife was also as she knows how hard I’ve worked on all these song arrangements.
I’m pretty sure if it ever happens again I’ll be able to straighten it out.
Thanks again!

Life is good. Glad to hear 'ya got it fixed!

Glad it’s fixed! I’ve had songs disappear twice, but not as severe a case as yours. Both times, I tracked the cause down to a song that was not properly exported, and which I subsequently imported. The tell-tale sign was that when the song was imported its title did not appear in BBM. Rather, the title appeared as a hex string, similar to how song titles appear if you open the songs folder in your BB Workspace. When I deleted the offending song, the problems ceased. I have encountered two songs of this type. One was a version of Mr. Tambourine Man. I cannot the recall the title of the other one.

Thanks for the tip Phil. I don’t know if that’s what happened but it could have been since I was working late at night. I’ll keep an eye out for it.